Director Mario Grattarola has the vision to see how new interactive technology can integrate well in many forms of programmes and experiences. Currently that perception has turned towards the growing use of digital platforms and augmented reality programmes, the possibilities are now more exciting than ever for marketing brands. Digital Media is all about customer experience and engagement, to research where they go and find the best way to communicate with them. MGA works with clients making sure the right vehicle is created to fit their digital strategy and most importantly a platform where the customers are.

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‘Chicago’ performed by women prisoners  trained by Pimlico
Opera proved to be a valuable part of Sodexo Justice Services
ongoing work towards resettlement

‘You may not be an Angel’  a Charity Awareness programme;
finding the right family for disadvantaged children

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‘The Hub’ Dubai Ports, UAE advertising the twin ports authority

‘The word is Enimont’ Filmed for Global stock market flotation

expert production management is essential for our work...

“with our knowledge of high efficiency video production, our philosophy is to bring together the right team who complement each other in all respects and produce excellence. My aim at MGA is whatever the production target we bring the maximum creative, technical and operational values to our work, ensuring the high standards and success we and our clients aspire to, while meeting expectations to seamlessly deliver dynamic content in multiple environments”

Francis, Production Manager

... ensuring the highest standards


We value our client’s perceptions

“Clients are usually demanding and often articulate their needs only once they are on the journey; director Mario Grattarola has always been good, not only at asking the right questions, but also able to propose solutions which can be surprising and different, but always have impact.

His professionalism and creativity have always given me what I wanted and I go back to him whenever I need a film or video to be made. What more can I say! ”

Herb Nahapiet OBE
Global Market Champion Sodexo Justice Services,

Our corporate and public sector work includes:

Advertising; the twin ports of Rashid and Jebel Ali for Dubai Ports Authority

Exploring; the future through the eyes of children for Ericsson Communications.

Promoting; Chemical giants Eni and Montedison to stock markets worldwide and the face of hospitality for Forte.

Revealing sensitive areas of life; Explaining the work carried out by correctional services in HMP prisons by Sodexo Justice Services.

Charity awareness and fundraising; videos that include programmes for one parent families, and adoption/fostering of disadvantaged children.

Interactive programmes; including Novartis Xolair airXperience, GSK, Avandia.