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Interact with; Spherevision – 3D Stereovision – Augmented Reality

Creative visualisation, digital technology & production expertise define our solutions. With the technologies now available, we with our partners are able to combine new digital techniques and offer the highest quality production values when producing drama,documentary, live broadcast, sheer entertainment or interactive programme experiences.

Invented as early as 1840, the transition for stereoscopic vision means that it is now used every day in areas as diverse as entertainment to surgery.

Director Mario Grattarola’s work in stereovision and interactive programmes ranges from filming ‘Lake Vyrnwy’ showing nature on the Welsh moorlands to producing a number of immersive 3D experiences. More recently shooting drama and combining that with computer imaging for Novartis’ Xolair –airXperience a powerful interactive 4D experience with a target audience of doctors and medical teams worldwide.

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3D Stereovision for
Lake Vyrnwy visitors centre for Severn
Trent Water

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Novartis, Xolair – airXperience 4D presentation, combining stereoscopic live action & computer animation to produce a dramatic and immersive result

MGA working in partnership with creative post production teams and technical equipment specialists combine to deliver 3D live action with CGi animation producing dramatic and immersive results

Xoliar airXperience was shot in stereovision supported by TTX Shepperton who provided special equipment, crew and invaluable technical support both in the UK and USA. We are now able to increase the options we can offer clients for particular digital media communications.  The development of  Spherevision has enabled us to offer 360 degree filming for stand-alone programme presentations or interactive programmes.  It provides the viewer an opportunity to visually decide their own pathway and explore a subject in depth. It can provide an excellent tool for learning and training, entertainment and travel, or a special experience. With the growing use of Augmented Reality, 360 degree filming can combine to provide a compatible source for visual information

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Steve Lloyd Director of Spherevision Facilities & Arithmetica Systems Innovation, said this about working with Mario Grattarola

“We have provided support for MGA’s productions many times and it always provides us with a challenging but enjoyable experience. Director/Producer Mario Grattarola is an experienced and dedicated professional who seeks to raise the bar on the simplest to the more complicated technical shoots. It seems easy to work alongside him and we share the same desire to innovate and improve wherever we possibly can so that the project is the best we can make it. I look forward to new challenges he may bring to our door!”

MGA works very closely with the client making sure the right vehicle is created to fit their digital strategy and most importantly bringing it to where the customers are.